African Union Regulation & Public Affairs

Engagement with the African Union is a vital part of any public affairs strategy, given the impact that the decisions, legislation, regulations and guidance issued and adopted by the African Union can have on the policies of the African member state. Our dedicated team has the needed experience in conducting successful campaigns on behalf of multinational corporations, small companies and pan-African trade associations. Our success is based on our multilingual team’s expertise in both African politics and law, as well as a valuable experience of working with and within the institutions of the African Union.

Stakeholder mapping

At the heart of our work in Africa is comprehensive stakeholder mapping to identify and prioritise with whom our clients must be communicating across the

African Union, including its institutions and agencies, as well as industry bodies and member states. Our stakeholder engagement strategies include relevant Members of the African Parliament (MEPs), African Commission officials, AU agencies, and AU-wide stakeholders including individual member states, industry groups and consumer organisations.

Strategic advice

Our dedicated African team includes multilingual experts in African policy and African law. We provide our clients with bespoke consultancy and senior counsel on how they can best engage with the bodies of the African Union, based on our knowledge and understanding of the issues they face and the legal and political ramifications at both African and national levels.

Intelligence gathering and forecasting

We go beyond simply monitoring the events and activities of the various bodies within the African Union and individual member states to provide our clients with detailed analysis as to how decisions taken in African might affect their organisation. We monitor a diverse range of sources, ranging from debates in the African Parliament, meetings of the Council and discussions within the Commission’s specialised committees, to technical and scientific meetings of specialist African agencies. This analysis, identification of political risk and political forecasting allows us to recommend the best and most appropriate course of action to our clients.

Event organisation

We also support client objectives by offering our clients a range of policy-focused event organisation services –  standalone events services, events with supporting engagement campaigns or events as part of a wider ongoing service offer – in a range of member states. We have experience of working closely with clients to manage budgets for events taking place in different member states and that focus on AU or international topics. This includes delivering an end-to-end event, from working with suppliers across Africa to identifying key stakeholders and speakers and managing the event itself on the ground.