Diplomatic Missions

Diplomatic Missions are always under great pressure to domesticate their communications for a wider audience. The use of digital solutions in their diplomatic tasks in these countries and understanding the by-laws, regulations, traditions and communication channels available are at the heart of public relations.


The diplomatic sector has a primary interface with the domestic public, policymakers, and the business community, this often means using PR. Having a strong public relations program can build and influence relationships, boost tourism and investment, all to a country’s benefit.

Embassy officials are typically in regular contact with interested parties in government, media, business, and the international community at large, but without a concerted public relations effort, that community will not strengthen and grow. Expanding that community broadens the embassy’s reach and leads to new opportunities for promoting the country nationally.

The landscape is changing. Messaging is becoming sharper and more sophisticated. Communications channels are changing too. Our specialist team is intimately connected to the community, dealing with the issues, the media, and the influencers that serve the space every day.

As a data-driven PR agency, not only do we support clients, we have also run media briefs and crisis communication processes for clients.

Interest Areas

Our Diplomatic Missions PR team represents organisations across numerous areas including Press and Cultural relations, media relations, social media; we help with formulating public diplomacy projects and calendar for the year. It’s critical for an embassy to get its message out to its targeted audience. We educate and inform people locally about diplomatic missions’ relationship with the host country, be it on trade or cultural issues.


Our PR agency believes in outstanding communication. Our experience and data-driven insight allow us to design campaigns that elevate you above your competitors in the media and amongst influencers. We align our approach with your business objectives, determining what tactics are best suited to generating leads, managing crisis, secure investment interest or building the brand.


We have used potent combinations of media relations, digital marketing, and industry analyst relations to successfully position our diplomatic clients for investment, delivered leads and support marketing goals as well as diffuse a lot of crisis situations.