Market Access Strategy

The markets that most organisations work within can be enormously affected by the political environment and changes in policy, which can present both opportunities and threats. Many organisations also look to offer their services to public sector bodies. Identifying relevant policy changes and the effect they might have can be critical to an organisation’s development. To ensure our clients can maximise their market share and grow their organisations, we help them to understand these policy changes and the complex regulations and procurement rules.

Understanding policy

We rigorously monitor the policy areas relevant to our clients so that we can identify the changes taking place and forecast whether these pose either an opportunity or threat to our clients’ activities. We then provide counsel on the impact of changes to policy areas and support them through programmes of message development and stakeholder engagement that, whatever the scenario, they are part of the discussions that will ultimately help shape their futures.

Understanding regulation and procurement

Many public sector organisations, which includes some of the largest purchasing organisations, maintain highly complex tendering processes that are themselves subject to extensive regulation.

We work with our clients to help them understand and participate in tendering processes. We help them to convey their service offering in the best possible way and maximise their opportunities to provide support to many of these organisations. This is a field in which we have extensive experience, having worked across the fields of healthcare, medical devices, information systems, logistics, operations management, human resources, infrastructure development, operations management, estate management, education services and Joint venture partnering.