Public Affairs

Our approach is based on the idea that effective engagement in public affairs should be based on what you know, not who you hear – and that it is always better to come to the table with a solution rather than a problem. These principles are the cornerstones of our public affairs strategies for clients, which use an intellectually rigorous process and our experience of every level of national, local and devolved government to ensure that our clients are making the arguments and presenting the solutions that will strike a chord with decision makers.

Political Monitoring and Auditing

The foundation of our work is a comprehensive research, public policy and political risk analysis, monitoring and forecasting of the political environment. We use this information to inform our strategies and identify where, when and how our clients can contribute to the policy process – along with identifying any challenges and opportunities that might be encountered along the way. To maximise the effectiveness of their engagement, we ensure that our clients are at all times aware of the political and policy environment in which they are involved.

Message development and transparency

Key to our work for our clients is determining who can best influence the changes they wish to see and how best to inform their decision-making process. We help hone our clients’ messages to ensure relevancy to each audience they address, training them if necessary to ensure they perform to the best of their ability in front of a range of audiences and stakeholders, which could potentially include regulators, Select Committees and public inquiries.

At all times we ensure our clients are engaged in an open, effective and transparent dialogue with decision makers. We believe our clients are their own best spokespeople and our strategies are based on ensuring they are addressing the relevant decision makers and conveying the most effective messages in a meaningful and constructive way that has clearly defined results and follow up activities.