Reputation Management

The success of any organisation is intrinsically linked to the health of its reputation. No matter how strong the bottom line or virtuous the cause, a negative perception of any organisation amongst its stakeholders and the wider public will affect its ability to develop and to meet its objectives.

Contingency planning and risk analysis

We work with our clients to identify the potential risks to their business or organisation and to ensure there are comprehensive plans in place to mitigate those risks. This includes identifying potential critics, providing strategic advice and senior counsel to clients’ chief executives and boards, honing key messages and training our clients to provide a response to criticism or adverse circumstances – whether that involves giving evidence to a select committee or an interview on live television.

Stakeholder engagement

We work with our clients to identify their key stakeholders, encompassing both likely supporters and potential critics, and to ensure regular communication with these political, charitable, business and journalist opinion formers. This ensures that in adverse circumstances our clients are communicating with an audience knowledgeable about the client’s activities and that our clients also have a bank of advocates ready to provide support when needed.

Positive media relations

We work with our clients to help ensure they continue to engage constructively with the media and to provide positive news stories and comment that reinforces the reputation of their organisation and offsets potential criticism.

Urgent response

Our team is available at any time to provide immediate assistance in the event of a reputational issue. If you urgently need support, please Alexandria Masego, on +27 (0)12 752 9423 / +27 (0)76 699 2974 (out of hours) or email