Wealthy Elite

Representing some of the world’s most wealthy and prosperous families is a sector on its own and understanding the privacy and sensitivity makes it easy, we have our finger on the pulse of the news agenda in an industry that is critically linked to reputation.


In an industry where reputation means everything. Wealth and private client services need to stand apart, with the needed care and sensitivity of client data.

Rightly or wrongly, many people have developed an aversion towards the financial industry and fear entrusting this industry with their financial needs, given the negative reputations. With that in mind, any wealth management firm working with a competent public relations firm can find ways to allay the concerns of the public.

The landscape is changing. Messaging is becoming sharper and more sophisticated. Communications channels are changing too. Our specialist team is intimately connected to the community, dealing with the issues, the media, and the influencers that serve the space every day.

As a data-driven PR agency, not only do we support clients, we have also run media briefs and crisis communication processes for clients. With a proper marketing strategy, firms can become distinct in the eyes of clients, without complication, for their financial needs, private and customised needs.

Interest Areas

Our extensive work in the wealth and private sector has allowed us to develop a network that is unrivaled in the communications industry. whether you want assistance with networking and introductions, or you’d like full communication and marketing strategy, we can help.

Renowned as a leading PR agency, not only do we support clients, we have also run media briefs and crisis communication processes for some prominent companies.


Our PR agency believes in outstanding communication. Our experience and data-driven insight allow us to design campaigns that elevate you above your competitors in the media and amongst influencers. We align our approach with your business objectives, determining what tactics are best suited to generating leads, securing investment interest or building the brand.


We have used potent combinations of media relations, digital marketing, and industry analyst relations to successfully position our security clients for investment, deliver hundreds of qualified inbound leads and support wider marketing goals with content and creatives.