Eller Security is investing in technological security

Security can become more productive if adequate investment is geared towards it. investment is channeled through different organizational department but the most important is security. This department ensures the safety and usefulness of all other resources.

People invest in new technology to primarily enhance productivity. However such investment will not be optimized if the full potential of the technology cannot be utilised. At present, the lack of technological security in the different organizations leads to unaccountable losses which can be managed through effective use of such technology.

Security is not just about keeping an eye on checkpoints, entrances, and exits – these are only some aspects. Technological security requires effective and user-friendly utilization to ensure that everyone feels safe and even in the most monitored environment.  The research and development of such technological development have infused a high level of technological capacity in the surveillance scope of eller security.

Millions of businesses have physical guards monitoring assets that require high-level surveillance and standards events make use of security operatives who have limited ability in terms of assessment and visibility.

Mobiguard™ fleet is used to tour areas that need constant surveillance and monitoring. Mobiguard™ ensures that the main objective of monitoring is not undermined – with unlimited asses and control with no compromise.

The device has the capacity of a mounted HD surveillance system with metal detecting capacity as well as mobility. Importantly is the alarm features installed to avoid intruders from stealing the device, it also has night vision and can run up to a speed of 40km/h. This is the perfect solution for business complexes, shopping malls, and groceries stores. The device is customized to our physical guards business, so we can assure our clients of our technological advantage.

Security enhances productivity. It enables and optimizes the realization of the investment with the support of technology, security can be more resourceful. Investing in security is, by logic, an investment in productivity.

Eller security is a fairly young company in a security company with a very reputable image in the industry. The company offers a wide range of services with ample experience in physical guarding, specialized security escort services, and surveillance systems. A strong concentration is the company’s needs-focused security solutions that give the greatest possible benefits in terms of security, organizational efficiency, and convenience. The company operates in most of the provinces in the country with its head office located at 386 b Orient Street, Hatfield Pretoria. South Africa.

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