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Adolescence is that ten to twelve year period of social and psychological growth that transforms the dependent child (beginning in late elementary or early middle school) into a functionally independent young adult in his or her early to mid-twenties.

Puberty is the one to three-year process of hormonal and physical change that causes the young person to reach sexual maturity. Among other changes wrought by puberty, there are growth spurts that create bigger bodies to manage. For girls menstruation begins, a time when most young girls are uninformed about what is going on in their bodies.

Puberty now creates two problems in one. First, it creates a process problem: how to manage the physical changes that are besetting their bodies. This is the problem of self-consciousness. And second, it creates an outcome problem: how to act womanly. This is the problem of sex role definition.

Start with the problem of self-consciousness. For most young people, puberty catches them at a bad time – during the early adolescent years (around ages 9 – 13) when they are separating from the shelter of childhood and begin striving for social belonging and place among their society of peers.

All these are issues relating to adolescents and how to manage the change and insecurities of young females among peers. Patience Setati of Np engineering, the managing director of Np engineering believes this is a very important needs category in the CSI project of the company. Np engineering CSI project provides sanitary products on a month to month basis to help young girls cope with puberty changes.

Developmental insecurity and early adolescence go hand in hand, for most young people, puberty is the enemy of self-esteem. It changes how they look at a time when physical appearance becomes more important for social acceptance and social standing.

As part of the project Np engineering has budgeted a huge amount of investment into their CSI project to provide for the needs of young girls in educational institutions, from school shoes, uniforms to sports wears and provision of learning stationaries.

The CSI project of the company is so unique considering the company operates in the electrical and mechanical fields, such projects would be easily associated with companies that deal with health and sanitary issues. This has not only shown how passionate the company is about issues related to young girls but the managing director’s personal attachment to the project is proof.

One of the main target areas for the project are in rural areas were households income are low and the provision of sanitary amenities are not affordable. Np engineering has therefore made efforts to reach many of the female schools in these areas to make sanitary products available on a month to month basis to help these young female deal with puberty issues.

In the recent week, Kgabo primary school was one of the first beneficiaries from this unique CSI project, with the distribution of sanitary products to students of the school. School bags and uniforms are also pledged to be delivered in the coming weeks. The cheerful and teary eyes of the young girls shows how much impact the project had.

In addition, sport kits are also in the agreement Np engineering has in store for the school to enable them participate in cross school competitions and aid their self-confidence. These are all part of the aim of the project.

Initiatives like these do not only keep kids in school as they gain confidence and more knowledge about menstruation and puberty but they also promote hygiene. In conclusion, this campaign aims at encouraging girls to stay at school but it also tends on knocking some confidence and improving self-esteem of young girls in the country.



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