SA celebrates the grand opening of BYD ATTO3 Model and brand

Johannesburg – South Africa– BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles, hosted the brand launch event in South Africa and launched an all-electric new model, BYD ATTO 3 in Johannesburg. BYD also announced the official pre-sale prices of the model to start building a presence in the South African passenger vehicle market.

BYD, which stands for Build Your Dreams, has been making waves in the automotive industry with its high-quality and eco-friendly products that have helped to reduce carbon emissions worldwide. One of BYD’s latest offerings to South Africa is the BYD ATTO3 model. As a C-class SUV constructed on BYD’s e-Platform 3.0, BYD ATTO 3 exhibits exceptional performance in terms of intelligence, efficiency, safety, and aesthetics. Due to its superior aerodynamic design, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.3 seconds and has a drag coefficient as low as 0.29Cd. Additionally, the vehicle can offer users a more convenient and comfortable urban commute thanks to its 420 km pure electric cruising range under WLTP conditions. From family trips to city commutes, BYD ATTO 3 will meet the diversified needs of South African customers in various driving scenarios.

The BYD ATTO3 comes equipped with BYD’s revolutionary Blade Battery technology that provides exceptional performance in extreme temperatures while maintaining maximum safety standards. This battery design is set to revolutionise the EV industry by reducing costs associated with manufacturing and increasing range without sacrificing safety.

Due to its unmatched combination of style and substance, this sleek new model has already garnered attention from consumers globally. Its compact size not only makes it perfect for urban environments where space is limited but it also provides ample room for passengers.

With this latest addition to its product line-up, BYD continues to solidify itself as an innovator in the field of electric mobility solutions.

Grand opening of BYD in South Africa
BYD celebrated the grand opening of its brand and BYD ATTO3 model in South Africa. The event was attended by various local government officials, industry leaders, and media personnel.

The launch of BYD’s electric vehicles in South Africa is part of the company’s global expansion strategy. With more countries encouraging sustainable transportation solutions to combat climate change, BYD is committed to providing high-quality electric vehicles with advanced technologies such as Blade Battery and the DiPilot driving assistance system for enhanced safety and security.

South Africa was chosen as the location for this grand opening due to its growing market demand for cleaner transportation options. As one of the largest economies on the African continent with numerous challenges related to air pollution, there is a significant opportunity for electric vehicles like those produced by BYD.

The grand opening marks an important milestone not only for BYD but also for South Africans who are looking forward to embracing greener transportation alternatives.

Why South Africa?
Known for its diverse landscapes and rich culture, South Africa is a country that has been making strides towards sustainable development. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow globally, South Africa presents itself as an ideal location for BYD’s latest venture.

Furthermore, South Africa has set ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. This aligns with BYD’s commitment to promoting sustainable transportation by reducing carbon footprints through its innovative technology. BYD entering the local passenger vehicle market undoubtedly marks a significant milestone in South Africa’s journey towards sustainable mobility.
Through introducing its cutting-edge products to the local passenger vehicle market, BYD is also promoting the development of the EV industry in South Africa, which will contribute to more job opportunities and more sustainable economic growth.

BYD’s commitment to the environment
BYD is not only focused on providing quality electric vehicles, but they also have a strong commitment to the environment. This company believes that environmental protection should be an integral part of their business operations.

BYD also shows its commitment to the environment by manufacturing all-electric buses that help reduce carbon emissions from transportation. In addition, these buses are much quieter than diesel-powered ones, making them ideal for urban environments.

It’s clear that BYD considers protecting our planet a top priority while producing innovative and efficient electric vehicles like the BYD ATTO3 model. As of June 11, 2023, BYD has saved a total of 34,772,819,473 kg of carbon emissions, offsetting 579,546,991 trees worth of carbon dioxide. With more companies following suit and adopting environmentally-friendly practices such as those implemented by BYD, the world can look forward to a cleaner and much fresher future.

BYD’s plans for the future
BYD is not just content with its current success in the electric vehicle market, but it also has plans for the future. The brand’s commitment to innovation and sustainability fuels these plans as they aim to push boundaries further and revolutionise the industry.
One of BYD’s primary goals is to continue expanding into new markets globally. With their recent grand opening in South Africa, this goal seems achievable as they strive towards being a global brand known for their high-quality electric vehicles.

BYD recognises that safety is an essential aspect of any mode of transportation; therefore, it has integrated advanced technologies such as the BYD Blade Battery into its vehicles to ensure passengers’ well-being during every trip. The Blade Battery has been developed for maximum safety, while offering outstanding strength, range, longevity and power.

There is no doubt that BYD’s ambitious plans for the future will have a significant impact on the electric vehicle industry globally. We can expect exciting developments from this brand over time, as they continue pushing boundaries forward through innovation and sustainability efforts.

The grand opening of BYD’s brand and the introduction of its latest BYD ATTO 3 model in South Africa marks a significant milestone for the company’s expansion plans. As a leader in electric vehicles, BYD is committed to providing innovative products that are safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly. With their cutting-edge technologies such as Blade Battery, DiLink, VTOL capabilities, and other advanced safety features, they have set new standards in the industry.

BYD sees South Africa as an important market with huge potential for growth. Their entry into this market will not only create employment opportunities but will also contribute to
reducing carbon emissions through their clean energy solutions. In the future, BYD will continue to build a local sales and service system to offer better user experiences and to introduce more of its eco-friendly vehicles to South Africa to promote sustainable mobility in the region.

With the launch of the BYD ATTO 3, BYD further displays its brand vision to “Cool the Earth by 1℃” by delivering reliable and sustainable mobility solutions that significantly reduce carbon emissions. The BYD ATTO 3 represents a significant step towards achieving a cleaner and more sustainable transportation sector in South Africa, and a greener mobility solution across different industries worldwide.

About BYD
BYD is a multinational high-tech company devoted to leveraging technological innovations for a better life. Founded in 1995 as a rechargeable battery maker, BYD now boasts a diverse business scope covering automobiles, rail transit, new energy, and electronics, with over 30 industrial parks in China, the United States, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Hungary, and India. From energy generation and storage to its applications, BYD is dedicated to providing zero-emission energy solutions that reduce global reliance on fossil fuels. Its new energy vehicle footprint now covers 6 continents, over 70 countries and regions, and more than 400 cities. Listed in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, the company is known to be a Fortune Global 500 enterprise that furnishes innovations in pursuit of a greener world.

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