SiyaGijima Retrenchment & PSSPF contributions claim explained.

Mcc Group clarifies issues surrounding the speculations about the PSSPF contributions of Siya Gijima to the media and the public.

Formed in 1996, MCC Group is a black owned company managed by a team of experienced and creative professionals with a passion to changing people’s lives. MCC’s track record as a reliable, professional and efficient service provider speaks volumes about the quality of service provided.

At Mcc Group, our employees are our greatest asset, hence we spend a lot on development and remuneration to ensure a stable and skilled work force. This, transpires into a list of successfully completed projects and in-turn developed people that empower the nation.

This is what makes the allegations and speculations labeled against MCC Group as nothing but a libel scandal from some disgruntled employees. MCC group has continuously been in contact and of assistance to some of the employees who are patient and willing to be assisted, in regards to the procedures to follow in order to claim from the PSSP funds contributed.

Retrenched Employees of SiyaGijima

The reduced project scale submitted by our client, led to the Retrenchment of some of our employees that were stationed at the project in question. It was a very hard decision for our company to relieve 30 employees of their obligations to the company at the time.

As a standard procedure, alternative posts were sourced for these employees that were affected by the reduced scale of the project. Unfortunately, there were no opportunities or space available at the time.

This, in turn led to the dismissal of the employees from the project at the time of the review by our client. We however, retained these employees on a priority employment list for future projects that might be awarded or extended to our company, ensuring they are considered for appointment before any other applicants.

PSSPF Contributions

As one of the statutory requirements, all private security companies have to be registered with the Private Security Sector Provident Fund to ensure that a contribution is allocated to the institution. The contribution is made from employee and employer to the PSSPF on a monthly basis. MCC Group complied with the requirement and contributions were allocated since 2014 for all registered employees of SiyaGijima.

MCC Group did not deduct monies into the company account as speculated but made contributions to PSSPF fund Administrators through Absa Bank. This is why all employees who want to claim have to follow the standard procedures for claiming from PSSPF. We understand the frustration some of the former employees encounter during their enquiry at Absa offices due to not having the necessary documentation and information.

Resolving the issue

The employer, in this case mcc sec pro has completed all Member Benefit Claim forms and processed all the needed documents to ensure all retrenched members can claim.

According to the schedule provided by Absa, all claims would be finalized before 31 of March 2016. All retrenched members would be able to claim and access their funds.


Any member that requires additional help or information can use the Absa enquiries information below.

ABSA Enquiries Desk

Help Desk Number:

086 117 7775


Fund Office Address:

Metropolitan Building, 7th Floor, 108 Fox Street, Johannesburg – (011) 492-0181/4/5 & 0862760142


Public Engagement

In view of the public information act, we would be speaking on this matter on Radio, the date for the interview would be published on our Facebook page soon. The interview is to help communicate the necessary information and give further assistance to all that needs it.


PSSP Enquiries


Private Security Sector Provident Fund

Gauteng Tel: 011 492 2208

Western Cape Tel: 021 423 3093/ 426 1457

Eastern Cape Tel: 041 484 1136

Free state Tel: 051 430 5397

Fax: 086 858 5258

Email: jackson@psspfund.co.za



Media Enquiries

Thembekile Mdletshe

Millionsworth Public Relations, South Africa

Tel: 012 004 1407

Fax: 0865858585

Email: enquiries@millionsworthpr.co.za

Instant Messaging: www.millionsworthpr.co.za

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